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Restore The Roar

Restore the Roar empowers Christ's body in America through halal praise for spiritual awakening, stronghold demolition, and restoring worship's roar.

Join the Roar. A Call to Worship and Intercession

Welcome to our latest addition to the ministries we support where we invite you to dive into the heart of a unique Christian movement - Restore the Roar. This is not just another worship group; it's a revival spirit that's sweeping across the nation, calling believers to join in two days of profound worship and intercession.

Reviving Worship, Restoring the Roar

Restore the Roar stands out with its distinct focus on extended periods of worship and intercession. It's more than music; it's an experience where the presence of God is palpably felt. The movement is centered around "halal" praise - a type of praise that is characterized by its exuberant and cerebratory nature. This form of worship is not just about singing songs; it's about engaging in spiritual warfare and pulling down strongholds. It's about seeing the kingdom of God manifest on earth as it is in heaven.

The Mission: Imparting Halal Praise

RTR's mission is clear and powerful. By imparting halal praise is specific regions, the movement aims to bring refreshment to the body of Christ.

It's about awakening people to the glory of God and seeing a transformation not just in individual lives but in entire communities and nations.

Vision: Mobilizing the Body of Christ

The vision of the Restore the Roar goes beyond the confines of a church building. It's about restoring the roar of worship across America. this involves mobilizing the body of Christ in praise and prayer, stirring up believers to recognize the power of their worship and impact it can have around them.

Stay Connected and Informed

To stay updated with RTR, make sure to download their app available of the App Store and Google Play. There, you can stream content from previous Roars, get first-hand information on upcoming events, and connect with a community of like-minded worshippers.

Sowing into the Roar

Restore the Roar isn't just a spiritual movement; it's a community. By getting RTR's merchandise, you are not just wearing a brand or a piece of clothing; you're sowing into the roar. You are becoming a part of a larger narrative of God's move across the nation.

Be Part of the Roar

Restore the Roar is more than an event; it's a call to awaken the nations to King Jesus and His Kingdom. it's a summons to every believer who yearns to see a revival spirit flood their region. Join RTR and be part of this transformative worship and intercession movement. Let's see the Roar of Heaven awaken the nations together!

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