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Our story

Our unique commitment to spread God's light and save the world from darkness.

Lord Almighty was founded in 2020 out of a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of our younger generations and the growing challenges to faith in our modern world. Witnessing the gradual decline of Western civilization and the loss of faith among many young individuals, we embarked on a mission to reignite the flames of faith and spread the light of hope.

According to Pew Research Center, their most recent data from 2021 shows that 3 in 10 U.S. adults (29%) describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or nothing in particular. Those are alarming numbers, representing millions of souls who have distanced themselves from Jesus. This news deeply troubled us. In response to this spiritual crisis, we took it upon ourselves to empower already existing Christian Ministries.

Our aim is to make these ministries more accessible and discoverable by people from all walks of life. We believe that by supporting and amplifying the work of these ministries, we can provide a beacon of faith, guiding those who seek a deeper connection with God and a renewed sense of purpose.

Lord Almighty is not just another christian organization; We are 100% committed to restoring and strengthening faith in a world that is progressively turning away from it.

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Lord Almighty Logo
Our Mission

Our Effective Formula for Success

Our ultimate mission is, of course, to save as many souls as possible by spreading faith as Jesus is the only path to salvation.


By expanding our reach and raising awareness of Lord Almighty on a global scale, we can gather more funding and prayer support to empower and finance our Christian Ministries committed to doing the Lord's work.


By generously funding the ministries we stand beside, they will have the opportunity to extend their outreach as well, help those in need, embrace more souls, and guide those who are lost toward the path of salvation.

Spread Faith

After following our first two steps, the natural and inevitable outcome is the widespread propagation of faith. Our efforts pave the way for the organic expansion of spiritual enlightenment or strengthening changing the lives of millions.

Meet our Team

Freddy Wilson
Prayer Counselor

Very compassionate soul who provides spiritual support and guidance through the power of prayer.

Jeff Coursey

Our visionary leader and charitable soul whose deep devotion and unwavering faith laid the foundation for Lord Almighty.

Emily Bennett
Copywriter & Content Manager

Through her words, she helps us spread the light of faith, communicate our message, and connect with hearts and souls globally.

Nathalie Coursey
UX Designer & Developer

Dynamic force behind Lord Almighty, crafting intuitive user experiences and bringing our digital presence to life.

We're looking for volunteers!

Our team is happy to welcome passionate individuals who are willing to volunteer for our cause.


What Does Lord Almighty Do Exactly?

In plain words, we stand by the side of fellow Christian ministries, offering them financial support to enable them to continue their vital work in the service of the Lord and to broaden their impact.

Who can get help from Lord Almighty?

If your organization is Christian-based and could use a helping hand, you're likely eligible for our support. It's a simple as reaching out to us and we'll guide through the next steps.

Is Lord Almighty a registered non-profit?

Absolutely, we're a registered non-profit organization, and all your donations are tax-deductible

How can I be sure what I give is being used effectively?

Our updates on ministries and by newsletter will show you how we are using your donations and where it's going to be used. You can reach out to us, we are happy to assist with any wishes or concerns.

What else does Lord Almighty offer besides supporting Christian ministries?

In addition to supporting Christian ministries, we provide a prayer board where you can submit as many prayer requests as you'd like. We also maintain a resource center (our blog), where you can find inspiring articles, tips, stories, and other resources related to our mission.

Still have questions?