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Hatzolah Air

Hatzolah Air is a non-profit organization that offers emergency medical air transport services. They have already over 200 volunteers.


Hatzolah Air, a non-profit organization specializing in emergency air transport, boasts a dedicated team of over 200 volunteer flight physicians, paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, and case managers.

Available around the clock, they stand ready to offer crucial assistance and intervention in critical situations when conventional ambulance transport is not feasible. When your loved ones are in need, these amazing volunteers are prepared to fly wherever necessary, whenever necessary.

Central to their mission is the commitment to providing their services to patients and their families free of charge. Entirely reliant on volunteers and funded by generous donors, they ensure that essential medical assistance is accessible to those in urgent need.

In cases where a sick individual doesn't require a private Hatzolah Air flight or doesn't meet the qualifications for one, Hatzolah Air offers an alternative solution. When the patient's condition allows for travel on commercial airlines, they will collaborate closely with patients and their families to arrange for a medical escort. This could involve sending an EMT, nurse, or paramedic to accompany the patient, or in more complex cases, deploying a full in-flight medical team capable of managing ventilators or intravenous therapy during the commercial flight.

Hatzolah Air has established partnerships with various airlines, enabling to organize accommodations for stretcher transport when necessary, even on lengthy, intricate, multi-leg, and international journeys."

To date, Hatzolah Air has flown missions to more than 68 unique destinations, including from Miami to Los Angeles (and many places in between), Israel, Ukraine, Russia, multiple cities across the EU, Mexico, Panama, and Australia. We go where we’re needed, when we’re needed.


In moments of tragedy, when every glimmer of hope counts, Hatzolah Air embodies the spirit of compassion and faith. Their work is a statement to the Christian values of love, charity, and service to others.

Our mission is to stand in hand with Hatzolah Air. Together we can amplify their impact and provide essential assistance to individuals and families facing challenging circumstances.

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